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Jill & Eileen


Jill and Eileen found each other in 2008 when they became cubicle neighbors in the marketing department of a Boston-area company. Over the years, their shared obsession with fashion became a daily discussion. Their co-workers referred to them as "the stylish ones" in the office.

After six years of friendship, fashion and fun, the idea for A Stylish Pair blog was born over some maki rolls and a couple of bottles of Sapporro. Jill and Eileen wanted to chronicle their daily outfits, share office and casual dress inspiration with other women and offer access to tips, new products and sales for their fashion-loving friends.

What does A Stylish Pair mean? The name refers to Jill and Eileen, who are happily committed to their corporate jobs by day. As part time bloggers, they post photos and write about ideas and trends by night. The name also describes the things they crave, wear and write about - a stylish pair of jeans, a stylish pair of shoes, a stylish pair of sunglasses - you get the point. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm super excited about these Sam Edelman sandals I got for a steal at Nordstrom Rack over the holiday weekend.  Their "Crock Sock" insoles really are as comfortable as they say.  I loved the camo ones so much I got a pair for my daughter so we could be twinnies.  Find the classic Gigi, Ginger and other styles ON SALE at Nordstrom Rack , Sam Edelman and Shopstyle

I'll be wearing these all summer. Happy sandal season!